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Remote Control Dice System

The whole system consists of three parts: electronic dice, a remote control and a base board.
We can process all kinds of dice, like transparent dice, bone dice and plastic dice, into electronic dice. To be specific, we usually process the two opposite sides of each normal dice, turning one side into positive pole and the other into negative pole. 
You can make all the positive sides face up on the base board by pressing the button A on the remote control or press the button C to make all the negative sides face up. 
The base board has been specially processed as well. It should be fixed under the table on which you gamble and still can work with the electronic dice. The closer you toss the dice on its center, the better. This base board is a controlling unit, running on a rechargeable basis. It just need 2-3 hours to recharge and can stand by up to 8 hours without consuming any of its power.

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