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When is gambling fun, when is it out of control?

A trip to Reno or Tahoe is a pleasant excursion for many of us here in Northern California. Spending some time gambling can be part of the fun.
For most men, problematic gambling often begins in adolescence. For women, it often begins later in life. About one-third of individuals with problematic gambling are women, and they are more likely than men to gamble as an escape from depression. They are often ashamed to seek help or to talk about this part of their problems when they do.
Once in a while someone is hooked on gambling from his or her very first wager, but for most people, the problem sneaks up on them. They may gamble for many years without it disrupting their life. But over time, of after an especially stressful period, the nature of their gambling changes.
They start to gamble more frequently. They think about their next trip to the casino between visits. It becomes the most appealing hobby they have. They plan other activities around it. They begin to neglect other interests.
When they do gamble, they place larger bets. They take more risk. They start to dwell on how they will get more money to wager. They begin to automatically turn to gambling as the recreation which relieves their stress.

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