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What can trigger problem gambling?

Anyone who gambles can develop problems if they are not aware of the risks and do not gamble responsibly. Gambling becomes a problem when behavior interferes with finances, relationships and the workplace. Often, gamblers take time to realize that they have a serious problem.
Many people who develop problem gambling are considered as responsible and dependable people. Often, there are precipitating factors that lead to a change in behavior, such as retirement, traumatic circumstances, or job related stress.
In general, it has been established that people with one addiction are more at risk of developing another. Some problem gamblers also find they have a problem with alcohol or drugs. They seem to have a predisposition for addiction. However, some problem gamblers never experience any other addiction.
There is also evidence that family patterns are also important factors. Many problem gamblers report that either one or both parents had a drinking and or gambling problem. Family patterns and upbringing are significant aspects in the propensity to develop dependence. In addition, a person's genetic tendency to develop addiction and their ability to cope with normal life stress also plays a role.

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