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What are the signs and symptoms of problem gambling?

Problem gambling can become a progressive addiction. Some of the signs and symptoms can include:

  1. Craving for gambling
  2. Depression
  3. Feelings of remorse after gambling
  4. Gambler feels the need to bet more money more frequently
  5. In spite of escalating losses, the person continues to gamble believing they will recuperate looses
  6. Increasing financial debt
  7. Loss of control
  8. Loss of sleep
  9. Person persists in gambling behavior in spite of growing. Severe, negative consequences
  10. Repetitive unsuccessful attempts to stop gambling
  11. Rising obsession with gambling
  12. Stress related problems
  13. When attempting to refrain from gambling, the person becomes restless or irritable
Gambling is not a financial problem, but an emotional problem that has financial consequences.

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