poker analyzer playing cards scanner scanning camera lens contact lenses with marked cards are best cheating devices in casino gambling

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AKK poker analyzer can predict winner

We know that we often have to make a decision. Some feel happy about the decision they have made while there some people who feel regretful at their silly decision and thus they take a lot of detours. And only a wise man can make a wise choice at the key point in their life. For a wise gambler, AKK poker analyzer is best friend, and it can use in the casino.
Analyzer Features:
1, the report card is fast, arch card, Alice cards, old cards, random cards, all can be reported.
2, a single person and easy to carry, super power supply capacity, can be used continuously for more than five hours, which are asking host rare.
3, K10 operations master different from the previous one, and now the K10 more small and exquisite, body silver, small, small footprint, thus hiding more strengthened.
4, one of the receiver and transmits signals, other lenses, the host is universal.
5, with a dynamic grasp mention scanning analysis capabilities, thereby causing oblique card, chaos cards, old cards accuracy rate can reach 100%.
6, automatic voice messages then prompt, fast speed clear, you can configure a variety of front-end poker scanning lens used in conjunction with, while providing a variety of front-end machine selection.
7, the analyzer is signal stability, and less susceptible to outside interference.
When you are in gambling, you can use the AKK poker analyzer, and you will win the game easily. The AKK poker analyzer has two language reporting versions: English and Chinese. Of course, you can customize if you speak other languages. It is a good cheater of many different kinds of poker cheaters!

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