poker analyzer playing cards scanner scanning camera lens contact lenses with marked cards are best cheating devices in casino gambling

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Ace barcode poker card is one of the highest level marked cards

Barcode marked cards just can be scanned by barcode analyzer. And it only can scan by the special barcode analyzer; other analyzer can not scan it, because they are process with the same luminous ink.

There are many kinds of marked cards, the most often use is back marked cards and barcode marked cards. Back marked cards is together use with luminous contact lenses, and barcode marked cards together use with poker analyzer.
Barcode ordinary playing cards poker is to be processed, the bar code is invisible, and only through the analyzer to see the black bar, but from the looks of it there is no difference, concealed, is the strongest tool gambling winnings. Welcome to consult us.
Barcode mark cards, also known as barcode cards, through a special potion applied in poker four sides, with poker analyzer can quickly and accurately know the card points.
Marked cards can be dividing into many kinds of level by the different material. Ace barcode analyzer poker card is one of the high level marked cards.

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