poker analyzer playing cards scanner scanning camera lens contact lenses with marked cards are best cheating devices in casino gambling

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Perspective marked cards is our newest playing cards

If you have use the poker card and also have use the perspective poker card, you will think they are the same in appearance. Perspective poker looks familiar with ordinary poker, knowledgeable people who can see the difference. The difference is only a very slight and most people do not see it.

There are still differences. Perspective poker perspective syrup is processed through poker, it has some marks on the back, the player can know through the back marker poker points and colors, so it can unknowingly
Perspective poker used to be very subtle, because they can see the poker player's own mark, other people do not see, and players usually see or read the cards and there is no difference, so there is no point to doubt. Perspective poker cards look exactly like the original, does not change color, the use of longer, up to six months or more.
To master all the players' cards, silent in the winning hand. But look Perspective poker is there are certain conditions, as long as wear the contact lenses with the corresponding perspective can only be seen, or else can not see, which is why some in addition to the players themselves, other people do not see to reason.
Perspective marked cards is our newest and high-tech playing cards, you can use it in many kinds of poker games. We believe you will like them.

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