poker analyzer playing cards scanner scanning camera lens contact lenses with marked cards are best cheating devices in casino gambling

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AKK poker analyzer identify the barcode marked cards

There are thousands kinds of poker cheating analyzer, people will doubt that whether the poker analyzer could use in the poker gamble. If you have used the poker analyzer, you will know that poker analyzer is a powerful gamble device.

AKK single operation analyzer is a kind of cheating tools that common use in casino. It’s Composition by four parts, the analyzer host, camera lens and invisible wireless earphone, the four processing poker cards, can be hidden to change card, because of strong practicability, high success rate and favored by many customers.
Here are some features of AKK single operating poker analyzer
1, Appearance: AKK single operation of this subsection scanner with a stylish smart phone design, you do not have to worry about phone ugly Nabuchushou.
2 handle: This paragraph AKK single operation scanner cover made of PC material, feel no different with the phone.
3, Performance: This section AKK single operation using the latest scanner concealed system, desktop icons without any direct access to the "system"; using Android 3.2 operating system, faster and smoother!

The principle is poker on the margin of invisible micro identification code. The analyzer host built-in procedures, can receive radio signal emitted by the lens, and built-in software for image recognition, determine each poker order according to the corresponding winner, via Bluetooth the match results to contact plugs.

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