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Ashtray Camera Lens Can Scan Poker Faces for You

In our daily life, an ash tray, in our idea, is a container to collect cigarette butts and ashtray. It is a common item, so it has been taken advantage of by professional cheaters in casinos. People use it to help them win money at gambles. It is a magical and powerful tool for gamblers because ashtray camera lens can scan poker faces!
As far as I am concerned, ashtray is a necessity in the world that is full of gamblers. In view of its necessity, we can make best use of ashtray and convert it into a powerful poker cheating tool to give us a hand in all poker games. By installing a mini single-type spy camera lens into a ashtray, we can know who will get the best hand of cards or who will lose at the game.
How does it make it? This is because that ashtray camera lens can scan the marks on each marked playing cards clearly and send the data to a poker analyzer. The one-to-one poker analyzer can analyze the images and convert them into digitals. We can receive the final result about poker faces and who will win at the game by putting a wireless mini earphone in our ears within 0.1 second. According to this useful and key information, we make sure we can place a sure bet in every round of poker game.

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