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A Comparison between UV Contact Lenses and IR Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are a good cheating device in winning poker games. No matter what kind of poker game you like to play, you can always see the points and suits of the playing cards on a poker table clearly as long as you wear a pair of UV contact lenses or IR contact lenses on your nose bridge. Although they are both used to see through poker faces, there are some small differences between them.
It is of importance for poker proficient cheaters and poker beginners to know the differences between UV contact lenses and IR contact lenses well so as to cheat better at all the poker gambles. First of all, they are different in their processing materials. UV contact lenses are processed with an invisible luminous ink which can make contact lenses wearers see through the marked cards with the same ink. The IR contact lenses are processed with other totally different invisible ink. This ink gets the marks on cards to be seen under the IR light. They both are one-to-one products, so other kinds of contact lenses or glasses can not see the poker faces of the marked cards for IR contact lenses or UV contact lenses.
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