poker analyzer playing cards scanner scanning camera lens contact lenses with marked cards are best cheating devices in casino gambling

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Sensor Poker Soothsayer for Casino Gambling

Are you eager to have a supernatural power to predict who will be to-be-winner in a poker game? Are you fond of playing poker cards with your friends and other poker card addicts? Are you interested in gamble cheat? If yes, you will be happy to be informed of a new kind of poker cheating weapon. That is sensor poker soothsayer for casino gambling.
Sensor poker soothsayer is made of hi-tech sensor playing cards, a sensor and a wireless mini-earphone. The playing cards for this kind of poker soothsayer is a little different from those normal cards that we can see in daily life. There is a chip hide into the paper playing cards. When you scan over the cards, the sensor will read the cards and tell out what it is. Then the sensor will convert the image signals from the cards into digital signals and send them to you by a mini-earphone.
This newest sensor poker soothsayer can report the points and suits of the playing cards on the poker table accurately and quickly. With 0.3 second, you will receive the result form it. It is convenient for people to take with and easy to operate. Moreover, it is a power-saving poker cheating device, too.

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