poker analyzer playing cards scanner scanning camera lens contact lenses with marked cards are best cheating devices in casino gambling

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Domino tiles just can be detect by your luminous ink

Domino is made of wood, tiles or plastic. Domino playing game is not only a game, it also represent a cultural. The size and quantity according to domino rules, it suit use in professional match.

the original poker cards can not be seen with your naked eyes but can be seen by the luminous glasses, the back of normal poker cards has been rendered by a special ink, this ink is the same principle as UV luminous ink.

The domino tiles are professionally marked so that they can be visible for IR contact lenses, but not for the naked eye.
The mark can be seen with IR contact lenses or IR glasses in any kind of light.
You can see IR contact lenses or invisible ink used for marking domino tiles or playing cards from our website.
The package contains: 1 set of marked domino tiles for the IR contact lenses.

There are many kinds of domino and it can be mark with different luminous ink. Different luminous ink has its own special way to detect. So you domino tiles just can be detect by your luminous ink and others can not see anything even wear a luminous IR contact lenses.

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