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EYE AKK K20 poker analyzer is our excellent poker predict device.doc

EYE AKK K20 poker analyzer is our excellent poker predict device, it is the innovation of the poker analyzer.

EYE AKK K20 poker analyzer can tell you both – the ranks of the all players at the table and the best and the second best hands, as well. By analyzing the suits and the ranks of all the cards, this incredible device is able to inform you which player's hand will be the winning one. But there is even more - the poker analyzer can even tell you the arrangement of the whole deck – from the bottom card to the top one.

This poker analyzer can use in Texas hold’em, Omaha, blackjack and we can custom the different version for customers.
The battery of this poker analyzer can last for 3 hours, the battery can be changed.

The whole set system of EYE AKK K20 poker analyzer include a K20 analyzer, 2 pieces of battery, one piece of charge, one speaker and one remote controller.

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