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Texas hold’em scanning system is the best poker predictor

Poker analyzer for Texas hold’em is use in ever where, we summarize in the practice, and then invent this utility poker analyzer.
Our Texas hold’em scanning system is very easy to operate, it can be operated by single person, it is the best device for predict the hands of Texas hold’em.
You will know the first and second winner or the rank of all the players.
The scanning camera lens can be installed into different cell phone, such as Iphone, Nokia, and Samsung and so on.
Without any help from a computer or partner, you will know the outcome of the game and the accuracy is 100% guaranteed.
Here are the features of Texas hold’em scanning system:
1. Model 305 wireless stealth earpieces (providing clear voice);
2. Setting panel with a screen (in order to adjust the number of the players and the game mode);
3. Micro-computer (size 80mm*65mm, power switch, port);
4. Video output device (can be connected to a computer and can check the location of the marked cards);
5. Speaker for testing voice.
6.2400mah Li-battery (4-8 hours).
7.20 decks of plastic cards (free processed and customized).
8. Manual in English (other languages are also available).

After you know all this about our Texas hold’em scanning system, you will like to have a try of this product, and we also provide the relevant barcode marked cards use with this scanning camera.

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