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Full House Magic Ink Marked Plastic Cards for UV Contact Lenses

Full house playing cards are a kind of famous entertainment product that is made in Italy. Compared with normal cards, Full House magic ink marked plastic cards are enjoyed and known by a small number of people. Italy Full House playing cards are famous for their concealment and mystery.
Full House magic ink marked cards are made of a good plastic, so they can be used for a very long time. It can save you a big sum of money to change your poker cards frequently, in particular for big casinos. By making marks on normal playing cards with a special luminous magic ink, Full House marked plastic cards can serve as a helpful cheating prop in a poker game for people who are eager to win money in a gamble. When you play cards with several people around the poker table, you can see the poker face of every card by wearing a pair of UV contact lenses. At this key point when all of the players are in high spirits, you can know the result in advance while others can not see anything about the cards by naked eyes.
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