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Invisible Ink Marked Mahjong for IR Contact Lenese

Do you love playing Mahjong? And do you think that mahjong can be cheated? One of the way to cheat at Mahjong is to use invisible ink that print on the Mahjong tiles to do some marks. Mahjong tiles can also be marked with invisible ink as poker cards. This invisible ink can not be seen by other players with naked eyes. The marks can only be seen by infrared contact lenses or sunglasses. You will know all the mahjong tiles both in other players’ hand and in pot
This kind of invisible ink marked mahjong tiles together with infrared contact lenses will help you to cheat at all kinds of mahjong games as you can see the mark on the back of cards clearly while others can not see. You can send your own mahjong tiles here to process. We can do both blue and green back. By using this kind of marked Mahjong, you will win the Mahjong game easily. We offer you many kinds of Mahjong, but if we haven’t the one that suit for you, please send yours here to process. 
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