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Monitoring mahjong gamble system can receive the information in anywhere

Mahjong is very popular in the world now, in past time it’s just appear in the street of china, and then rapidly spread around the world.

Some friends say people all over the country all like mahjong. It is a little exaggeration, but also tells the truth.
And if you are wondering whether there is a device could make you stand in the victory of the position, we would like to tell you, our monitor mahjong system is the device you want.
There a four part of the monitor mahjong system. The pinhole camera lens, one transfer, one monitor, and one receive computer or cell phone.
Compared with the ordinary mahjong, its strength lies it have a more flexibility and can scan the barcode marked cards with a widely range.
Using the pin hole camera lens you can see all the suits and number of the marked cards.
The scan distance of pin hole camera lens is 3-4m. The scan range is 1 square meter.
The shuffling time just need 19-25 seconds.
Without limit of the scope of receive, it can receive the information in anywhere of the world

Anyway the monitor mahjong system is very practical equipment, you can use it with you partner.

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