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How to See Marks on Plastic Cards through Contact Lenses?

As we know, from the angle of making materials, there are two kinds of poker cards in the current market. They are paper cards and plastic cards. Among these two, plastic cards are used more often in all kinds of international poker matches and recreational activities, because of its high quality and excellent hand feel. We also know that it is more difficult for people to cheat at plastic cards and only a few skilled cheaters can make it. Therefore, this article will tell you the secret and teach you how to see the marks on plastic cards through contact lenses.
1. Prepare a pack of edge or back marked poker cards. Normally, the cards are provided for you together with a smart poker analyzer or a pair of contact lenses for poker use. Certainly, you can make marked cards with a luminous ink on your own.
2. Wear a pair of contact lenses when you play poker cards with others. Please notice that this kind of IR contact lenses is exclusively used for playing cards and cheating at poker.
3. As normal contact lenses, you can see the marks (points and suits) of all the playing cards on the poker table with any difficulty while other by your side can not know you can see the cards.
It is easy and interesting for you to have one pair of contact lenses for poker use. It can only bring you joy but also wealth at the same time. Why not get it?

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