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How to Apply Lighter Camera Lens to Poker Cheat?

Lighter is a common item in our life, but if you add a mini camera lens to it, it can have a magical power in poker game. You may ask how to apply lighter camera lens to poker cheat for helping you win money quickly and quietly.
It is known to us that most of the gamblers in casinos like to smoke when they are absorbed in playing poker and making bets. Therefore, at the same time when you smoke, you can think about treating your lighter as a useful poker cheating prop for yourselves.
Lighter camera lens is used for gambling cheat together with a poker analyzer and a pack of edge marked cards. This is a single lens type and there is only one set of spy camera lens hided into the lighter. The camera lens is HD lens. With this kind of camera lens, you can play the cards in dark room. When you turn the power on, and let the lens face towards the edge marked cards, it will scan the cards immediately and send the value to the analyzer. You will hear the result within 0.3 s through a mini-earphone. When you let the lighter face up, it will work, and when you let it face down, it will turn off. It’s so easy to use and makes you play happily in a game.
The above are the using method of lighter camera lens for poker cheat. For more useful and specific information, you can visit EYE Poker Cheat Center at any time. 

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