poker analyzer playing cards scanner scanning camera lens contact lenses with marked cards are best cheating devices in casino gambling

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Features of KEM Paisley Dublu Jumbo Index marked cards

high quality poker cards have been used in many poker cheating games,these cards are plastic playing cards, very durable, generally, it could use for two years.
High quality playing cards marked with a special marking machine offering you high and clear visibility through the contact lenses.
You can choose the desired version of the mark.
we suggest you choose the high quality marked cards, a complete set of cards is called a pack (UK English) or deck (US English) or set (Universal), and the subset of cards held at one time by a player during a game is commonly called a hand. A deck of cards may be used for playing a variety of card games, with varying elements of skill and chance, some of which are played for money. Playing cards are also used for illusions, artistry, building card structures, contumacy and memory sport.
The features of KEM Paisley Dublu Jumbo Index marked cards
Color pattern: red, blue
Material: 100 % plastic
Index: jumbo index, 2 corners
Number of cards: 52 cards and 2 jokers
Card size: 58 mm x 88 mm
The front of each card carries markings that distinguish it from the other cards in the deck and determine its use under the rules of the game being played. The back of each card is identical for all cards in any particular deck, and usually of a single color or formalized design.
there are two colors of marked cards, one is red marked cards and the other one is blue marked cards, blue marked cards is more clear than red marked cards. But they marked by the same luminous ink.

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