poker analyzer playing cards scanner scanning camera lens contact lenses with marked cards are best cheating devices in casino gambling

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IR sunlasses and IR contact lenses are used in many poker cheating games

IR sunglasses are used in many poker cheating games, you can put it beside you and you can see the marks on the back of the poker cards.
Those glasses can be used by magicians when they are preparing their cards to perform a new trick. They are used when marking the cards with invisible ink, but also for recognizing the marked packed prepared for the tricks, from the regular pack which is unmarked.
Without these glasses it is very difficult to mark anything with invisible ink, because after each mark you make you need to check that there is nothing visible with the naked eye and you also have to check with the IR sunglasses that the mark you made is correct, clear and readable with the help of the contact lenses. With the help of the IR sun glasses you can see the back of the cards exactly how they are on the front. You can choose a custom mark which gives you the advantage of recognizing the cards very quickly.
By trying to use this object in cheating at gambling such as Texas hold'em, Omaha, Blackjack, Baccarat, Poker Caribbean Rummy Dominoes etc. you are directly responsible.
The package contains: 1 pair of XRB infrared sun glasses in a special case
IR sunglasses is used to read the invisible ink marks to mark playing cards, rummy tiles or other poker cards, you also can choose out IR contact lenses if you don’t want to take a sunglasses.

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