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How to Employ Ashtray Camera Lens to Achieve Success?

If you still hold the idea that an ashtray can only be used to contain cigarette butts, you are out and deserve a spank. With the development of science and technology, modern ashtray has man different functions for people to own one of it at home. As a matter fact, it can be made into a ashtray camera lens to help people cheat at games and achieve success. Now let me introduce you how to use this small gadget.
Firstly, install a camera lens into the ashtray. Then, press a button on the remote controller and start it. When you press Turn On, the signal will be sent to a poker analyzer automatically and quickly.
Secondly, connect the receiver with battery, PC connector and then plug the software dog into your computer.
Thirdly, start the diver for gambling software and close antivirus software. Set data according to your specific circumstances. Click start and it will work. When you put a pack of cards in front of the ashtray, you can know the result from a poker analyzer by a mini earphone.
This is a long distance camera lens that you could use to win money in short time. Gamblers can use the ashtray camera lens to cheat at any kind of poker cheating games, such as Omaha poker game, Baccarat poker game, Texas hold poker game and so on.

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