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Special micro cameras marked cards

We now have a new special micro camera marked cards, this marked cards could use with infrared camera lens, if you are interest in this product, you can custom them from us.
Our team that prints / punches invisible ink on playing cards also gives you the following services:
1. Printing / punching playing cards
2. Unsealing packs of playing cards
3. Sealing packs of playing cards
4. Custom patterns / graphics
The marks can be seen only with the help of the special micro cameras produced by us. The client brings his own playing cards, that will be marked according to the graphics / patterns agreed on by him and the model used / asked for at the playing table. The cards can be sent to our company to process. We can provide the following services: unsealing, sorting, printing, drying, protection, sealing, and sending the cards back through DHL.
You can compare other marked cards with our special micro cameras marked cards, we trust you will like the new marked cards, this marked cards should work with our special infrared camera lens, make sure nobody can feel it.

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