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Strap Camera Lens Can Be Good Helper in Games

We often have such a confusion: when we are dressing up for taking part in an evening party, we are considering which strap could match well with our dress and make us look more charming in front of other people. In fact, strap can not only be used as a piece of accessory but also a good helper in games by making it into a strap camera lens.
After a series of combination and improvement, strap camera lens can be one of the most useful and secret cheating devices for all game players and stage magicians. Strap camera lens can be used for gambling cheat, together with a poker analyzer and a pack of edge marked cards. This is a double lenses type, so there are two sets of spy camera lens hided into a common strap. The camera lens is HD lens. As a result, with this kind of camera lens, you can play cards in a dark room. When you turn the power on and let the lens face towards the edge marked cards, it will scan the cards immediately and send the value to poker reader. Within 0.3 second, you will hear the result through a mini-earphone.
If you make up your mind to cheat at games, you do not need to put other props on the table. Just wear a strap with camera lens can be of great help to you and bring you chances of winning money in games.

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