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How to Use Electronic Remote Control Dice?

In some regions, people have more interest to play dice to relieve their pressure from life and work than play mahjong. In games, dice can be used to decide who will get the first hand of cards or guess the points of the dices to win money. We know there are many different kinds of dices in the market, but here I would like to talk about the advanced electronic remote control dice and its use.
Like TV remote controller, electronic remote control dice can be used in the distance to make the dices shaking inside the bowl. Having one set of this high-tech product, you don’t have to come close to the bowl. In his way, if you want to cheat at the dice, you won’t be caught cheating by others by your side.
AS for its use, it is provided as follows:
Firstly, open the desktop with a slim stick. Desk top must be placed on the underside of the table that the game of dice is played on for this product to work.
Secondly, put the dices on the desktop. It is more accurate when the dice approaches the center of the desktop.
Thirdly, press the buttons of the electronic remote controller to change the point of dices and then the dices will jump to the point you want. You can control one or two dices at the same time.

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