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A Brief Introduction of KEM Marked Cards

Do you like to play poker cards in your spare time? Do you join in a circle of poker fans? Do you know something about KEM marked cards? This passage is going to give you a brief introduction of KEM marked cards.
It is a kind of edge marked poker for poker analyzer and poker camera lens. Poker manufacturers use a special ink to make secret marks on the edge of poker cards ad these marks are made to look like barcodes that we can see commonly in supermarkets. It is impossible for people to find out any flaw from a pack of KEM marked cards. There are many kinds of KEM marked cards on the basis of different wave lengths of lights. 
Then how does it work to help its owner win a lot in casinos? This is a key point! A well-prepared camera lens scans the marked codes, read them and send them to a poker analyzer. After analyzing the codes, poker analyzer will accurately tell you the relevant analytical results to you by means of earphones within a second.
Moreover, KEM marked poker is widely used in private poker party, party gamble, casino, poker match and magic show. This kind of poker card is very popular in Europe and America. If you are interested in it, please do not hesitate and make a phone call or send emails to us to know more information about it.

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