poker analyzer playing cards scanner scanning camera lens contact lenses with marked cards are best cheating devices in casino gambling

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Hidden video luminous camera for poker cheat gamble

Do you like to use poker cheat device or marked cards with contact lenses, if you have use them, you may know there are many trick to cheat in the poker card game.

You may think that a wide angle pinhole lens may solve this framing issue. It’s wrong! If the cards are not close enough to the camera, the cards and marks are too small for the computer to read. Therefore, you will have to find an excuse to constantly move the object with the hidden camera on the table to keep the card "in frame" for the computer to read the marks.

As you may guess, the constant moving of your cell phone, wallet or key fob may look suspicious. But, since each customer's working environment is different, maybe constant moving of your camera may look natural for you.

You can place a hidden video luminous camera away from the table so it can view the cards from above or from a high angle. Human beings can not see video Luminous marks with or without special sunglasses or filters. The video luminous solution or daub/dust is only visible by using custom designed (patented) electronics.

We would like to say we have much poker cheat device suit for you and hidden video luminous camera is a newest product, but it soon popular, because of its high invisible.

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