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How to use the belt camera lens

As the fast speed development of poker cheating devices, many gamblers hope to buy a reliable poker camera lens to help their poker game. Our belt camera lens can let you know the result in a special way. What is more, they are reliable and trustful for most gamblers.

Our poker camera lens which needs to put on the table can scan a long distance. There are several kinds of distance, such as 10cm-20cm, 20cm-30cm, 30cm-40cm, 40cm-50cm, 50cm-60cm, 60cm-70cm, 70cm-80cm and the longest distance is 90cm. Many other companies who sell the poker cheating devices promise you they can do the long distance for your camera lens, but they will not make the good effect for your belt camera lens. We have the ability to help you to make the long distance poker camera lens.

Do you want to have guaranteed when you are playing poker cheating games? Now, we recommend the belt camera lens for you and explain information about the scanning distance of belt camera lens.

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