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How to Win on Automatic Mahjong Table by Guessing Mahjong Tiles?

Generally speaking, there are two aspects in Mahjong tiles when people play Mahjong in casinos. One is that when you want to attack, you have to consider whether the person on your right has the tile you want or not. Is he or she willing to show the card? Do they want to give up their tiles when you are on ready hand? The other is that when you are on the defensive part on an automatic mahjong table, you need to think that which tile they want and draw?
What’s more, there are two main cases in guessing Mahjong tiles:

  1. on the preliminary condition: it is about which mahjong tile the player on your right side will show on the automatic mahjong table. When the tile is shown, all the other players may touch, hit or win.
  2. On the confirmed condition: when you decide to show your tiles, the other players are bound to play out and win the game.
Please note that the former is abstract and ambiguous. Its answers can be got according to statistics and observations. The latter is definite and determined, which can not be concluded or estimated alone by no means.
Furthermore, you may wonder that how people draw out such skills that make them win all the time in the casino. What is the basis of mahjong tiles guessing skills? This is a good and constructive question! It is known to all of us that we always make our judgments by all kinds of relevant phenomena surrounding us or some other details related to the event that we are dealing with. Before we list and take relevant examples, there is a must for us to make an explanation.
Although the cited phenomena seem to be individual, it is actually coherent with each other to some extent in the way that we can not notice on an automatic mahjong table easily.

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