poker analyzer playing cards scanner scanning camera lens contact lenses with marked cards are best cheating devices in casino gambling

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How to make use of hand bag camera

Have you used the hand bag camera before? And do you want to buy a best poker camera for you to win money? The hand bag camera will not be found by other people. At the same time, it will provide the accurate image.

1, Hand bag camera between head telescopic distance: 220 to 270cm.
2, Up and down to adjust the distance: 50cm, Left and right to adjust the distance: 50cm.
3, you can use cell phone poker analyzer for analyzing: Texas / Omaha system, computer scanning analyzer system used remotely via the hand held by remote control, camera lens distance and range can be adjusted up and down about, precisely control the scanning range. The computer artificial observer adjustable appropriate location, convenient memory card marked range. Cell phone scan or computer scan prompted to play a sound, accurate range.

Can you believe that your hand bag can help you win in the poker cheating games? The answer is of course. Now, as the poker cheat devices develop fast and fast, you can choose the hand bag camera to help you.

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