poker analyzer playing cards scanner scanning camera lens contact lenses with marked cards are best cheating devices in casino gambling

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Poker cheat device is widely use in many poker gamble

Poker cheat player always very clever, this just because they practice for many times and use the poker cheat device for many time.

Think about collusion or marked cards. Anyone with predetermined signals could communicate his cards to a partner during a poker game, giving the partner a tremendous statistical advantage. And reading marked cards is almost as easy as speaking.

Advanced techniques are mastered by card mechanics such as bottom dealing, second dealing, and stacking, hopping, peeking, mucking, culling, copping, false shuffling and so on. These moves, used perfectly, can wreak havoc at any table.

Now let’s take a look at advantage play, unfairly associated with cheating. Advantage play is using information made available to any player. For example, an awkward blackjack dealer flashes the bottom card of the deck unwittingly. Or a player flashes his hole cards every time he takes a look at them. You would be stupid not to take advantage of any information brought to you by careless play, because other players would not think twice about it. And they would be right. It is everyone’s responsibility to protect his ‘garden.’
Many poker cheat player often use cheap shots, because some small shots very agility and they could use it fast and skillful.

Cheap shots are methods used by amateurs and small-time cons. These techniques are on the edge of legitimate play. Pretending to fold your hand before your turn, posting a bet in two phases (basically bet $10, wait a bit and add $10 more), and ‘forgetting’ to ante are common examples among many.

If you say the poke cheat device is cheating in the technical sense, but you just know gamble is legal in many countries, even you do not use the poker cheat device at this moment, you also should something about cheat, this can protect yourself if you like gambling.

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