poker analyzer playing cards scanner scanning camera lens contact lenses with marked cards are best cheating devices in casino gambling

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Different high-tech poker cheat analyzer

As the develop of the technology, we have launch many high-tech poker cheat device, the most often use languages are Chinese, English, Russia, the reading speed of the HD camera and HS camera are very fast, just need 0.1s, Special Texas/Omaha hold'em...

1) New brand new smart devices, games players selected
2) multi-tasking system-on-a-chip, to make the game more user-friendly
3) The system host can be installed SIM card, dial any phone and send text messages
4) Built-in scanning lens, 0.01 seconds faster task executed immediately play
5) Multi-game menu, direct selection the omitted code input trouble
6) Single user interface, and the other the purchase of additional camera lens, you can choose many types of scanning
Black boxes, chip boxes, car keys, cell phone, T-shirts, clothes, cuffs camera, proximity card 18cm to 250cm
7) High-end gaming, VIP enjoy after-sales service and maintenance, customer trust in the security
8) TEXAS / OMAHA 4 / OMAHA 5 / capado all built-in
1 imported chip processing more accurate,
2 capacitive screen operating more smoothly,
3 high -capacity battery last longer
4 single-lens wide super wide range,
5 poker cards can be freely moved around 25CM. Down 25cm, about 30cm, 100% accuracy
6 can be normal dial telephone and Internet access, integration, more convenient, more subtle.

Different poker cheat analyzer have different frequency point, they can not receive others frequency point. And there have three types of poker cheat analyzer, Fission poker cheat analyzer, all-in-one poker cheat analyzer and the third is fission analyzer and all-in-one analyzer coexistence witch.

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