poker analyzer playing cards scanner scanning camera lens contact lenses with marked cards are best cheating devices in casino gambling

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MDA poker scanning analyzer for marked card

We would like to introduce a new poker cheating analyzer to customers, this MDA poker cheating analyzer is fit for Omaha poker game, and this system is of high quality.

The entertainment system built nine games:
 1.2 card scanning system
 2.3 card scanning system
 3.5 card (52Poker) card scanning system
 4. OMAHA 4 CARDS analyzer marked cards scanner . . . . . (May choose to increased).
The standard release notes: send community cards, dealers send the order: Send 3 Card Stud card, and then send a transfer card, and finally send a hand.

Professional version Description: The dealer sent the community cards in advance to remove a card, send 3 Card Stud card, then remove the card, once again send a transfer of a license, remove a card, and finally send a license card, send completed!
Selectable scan the card to mark the lens distance

 System scanning time: 0.6 seconds
 System standby time: 6-8 hours
 System Battery Capacity: 1400 mA
 Systems analysis accuracy: 100%

We could supply cell phone camera, lighter camera, wallet camera and so on, and we can custom as customer’s require. This MDA poker scanning analyzer for marked card supply many languages, if you need, please order it in advance.

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