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Mini wireless earphone fit for many poker cheating predictor

Earphone is an important part of the poker cheating device, only when the earphone is of high quality, you will easy to operate the device. This mini wireless earphone is different with normal earphone.

This device is invisible mini wireless earphone. When one is using this it is difficult to found by others in ones ears. The transmitter which is connected to the phone can transmit the signals to Invisible Spy Micro Wireless Earpiece Headset well with a little bit disturbances. Mainly this Mini Wireless Earphone is used by detectors, reporters, and so on etc.

Compatibility: To make two way communications effectively earphone are used with the inductive loop work with mobile phones, radiotelephones.
They are used as portable sound player, mp3 and Dictaphone etc.
Size: 5x7x10mm
Shape is Anatomical
Battery Life is 15 Hours.
Receiver Type: Magnetic/Analogue
Interference: < 2%
Maximum Volume: 110dB
After Sales Service: 1 Year Replacement

When you use this mini wireless earphone, you will feel it comfortable and invisible. It could work with many of our poker cheating device in gamble. And we also supply all kinds of marked cards, so you could buy them as a set, we will give you a good price.

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