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Good price for luminous ink kits

Marked cards and poker cheating device are often used in poker games, but few people notice luminous ink also quite convenient to use.

Our luminous ink kits are high quality kits that come with step by step directions so that anyone can make marked cards with invisible ink. The kits will come with the luminous ink, fine tip paint brush, directions, and a red filter film to test your work. The luminous ink kit is certified to make at least twenty decks of marked cards!
Our luminous ink glasses are made with the most up to date luminous film so that your markings will be visible to you! Our glasses come with a protective glasses sleeve so that they do not get damaged during delivery.
Our luminous ink reader kits are designed so anyone can create their very own luminous ink reader! There is enough film to create 3 readers. However, the extra film is mainly for error corrections in case you mess up. Follow the directions and work carefully and you will be able to make three readers! Sell the other two and make your money back! Or play as a team on the poker table and have multiple readers!

You could buy luminous ink together with marked cards and poker cheating predictor, they are working together, more information you can review the product and contents in our website...

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