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Remote control dice is a hot cheating device

Dice is used in many places, many people often use it in night club and casino and it’s a convenient entertainment method. There is a remote controlled dice for those people who like to use cheating device.

The circuit card is installed under the table, chair or in the table. But using the remote control, you could control the point of yourself and others freely in 20 meters even there is a wall or a person.
1: To use the remote control dice, set the switch to open, playing into is an open, pop-up to be closed.
2: The desktop can standby for 7-8 hours with full charge.
3: When the desktop have runned out of power, charging time is 2-3 hours.
4: The distance from the remote control from the desktop can be spaced about 20 meters.

How to Use: Firstly, Open the desktop with a slim stick. Desktop must be placed on the underside of the table that the game of dice is played on for this product to work. After that, put the dices on the desktop. It is more accurate when the dice approaches the center of the desktop. You can press the buttons of the remote control to change the point of dices and the dices will jump to the point you want. You can control one of two or control two dices at the same time.

Introduction: Circuit card, charger, remote control, a set of dices.

There are many different specifications on circuit card, including the point, size, single or double, positive or negative of the remote dices.

Use this remote control dice, you will get any point you want, you may so exacting to have a remote control dice,  the same feeling as use cell phone poker cheating device.

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