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playing marked cards in home game

Some people like to play poker games at home and this is a good time to use marked cards, nobody will suspect you.

When playing in a home game, players will take turns dealing. When it is your turn to deal, this is when you will take advantage of this easy method. Basically, you just collect the cards so you are dealt the hand you want.

Think of it this way, as the dealer, you are the last to get cards. If you were playing in a game with 4 people, then the 4th and 8th card from the top of the deck would be the cards you are dealt.

Now it just becomes a simple puzzle. Look at the cards on the table, and collect them so the desired card will be that number from the top.

In the example below, we will go for the aces. If you click through the pictures, you can see me pick up the back two cards and place them with the front two. This ensures that the ace of clubs is the 4th card from the top. I go to the other side and you can see the same, three cards, and then the ace of diamonds as the fourth.

Collect these cards with the community cards and the discard pile, then place them back on the deck.

If the texts and pictures are hard to follow, you can watch the video in our website, more information you could call us or send email to us.

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