poker analyzer playing cards scanner scanning camera lens contact lenses with marked cards are best cheating devices in casino gambling

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You can see special design for invisible marked cards

These invisible ink marked cards are processed by special and reliable ink. And these marks will last for half a year at least. By the way, you also use IR contact lenses or UV contact lenses to see these marks. If you are interested in these invisible ink marked cards, please contact us right now.

Historically, the first attempts to mark playing cards involved bends, crimps and tiny bumps, which are called blisters (and resemble the Braille script). Later, when the first designs appeared on the backs of playing cards, cheats began altering the designs on the backs of cards. Hustlers have tried using various inks, pigments, scratches, etc., to add or remove lines or patterns from the back of the card design. Some varieties of card marking include block-out work, cut-out work, scroll work, shade work, tint work, etc. Here is a simple example of how block-out work [2] can be done. [Clarification needed]

Invisible ink marked cards have various kinds in the market. And you also could choose the suitable one to win your gambling games. You also have heard many famous brands of poker cards. For example, the famous Bicycle invisible ink marked cards, the Bee invisible ink marked cards, the Copag invisible ink marked cards, and the KEM invisible ink marked cards and so on.

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