poker analyzer playing cards scanner scanning camera lens contact lenses with marked cards are best cheating devices in casino gambling

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most common use of poker cheating devices

If you are just know a little about Poker cheating device, you have come to the right place .EYE poker cheating center have been helped many people who want to use poker cheating device. There are many pokers cheating device for you to choose.

The common one is contact lens and there many people use this kind of product, our contact lenses made with high quality of material, soft and comfortable, it worked with our special marked cards. For example of playing cards features:
1. Color pattern on the back of cards: blue and red
2. Bicycle playing cards index, plasticity.
3. The deck contains 52 cards and 2 jokers.
4. Card size: 63*88 mm.
How to mark Bicycle luminous cards?
Blue cards: marked a big font in the middle of the card (white mark)
Red cards: marked with fonts in four corners or big font in the middle of the card (white or black marks).
If you are more interested in high-tech product, there are many product for choose too. The poker cheating device in this kind of product has a good stability. For example for the advantages of this poker cheating device:
1.    Supports all the poker playing games: Texas Hold'em poker cheats. Omaha Poker, Blackjack, Mau Mau etc.
2.    Single person operation, no need any other partner
3.    Easy to carry and set up the number of players and code of each game.
4.    Report automatically and high speed.
5.    Without the limitation of occasions and distance.

Of course there many other kinds of poker cheating devices, you could see more products in our website, if there is anything you want know just call us or send email to us.

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