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Difference between all-in-one poker analyzers and split poker analyzers

When we classify poker analyzers according the using methods, they can be classified into two kinds, the one is all-in-one poker analyzers and the other one is split poker analyzers. But many people will confuse the two concepts. In order to help our customers know more about information of these two products, we want to introduce you what they are.

Many people know that the whole poker analyzer system include poker analyzer main engine, poker camera lenses and earpieces. The earpieces are used to hear the result and we also need to use marked poker cards to finish the whole process. The main difference between all-in-one poker analyzers and the split poker analyzer is the main engine is together with camera lenses or not. We also use a cell phone to be a main engine. The split poker analyzer is not with the camera lens, so you need to buy a camera lens to use together. We have all kinds of camera lenses, such as tea cup camera lenses, lighter camera lenses, cigarette boxes camera lenses.

If you can know the difference between all-in-one poker analyzers and the split poker analyzers, you will not be cheated by other people. You can come to our company and we also could choose a suitable one for you. 

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