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Imagination make T-shirt smallest camera lens come true

If wear a T-shirt in casino that you don’t know where can cheat at poker games, we can give you some tips. Yes. It is your T-shirt. We could set poker camera lens into your T-shirt that it could scan poker cards and tell you the result. T-shirt smallest camera lens is hard for other people to find it.

We put four smallest camera lenses inside a T-shirt. You don’t think that is very easy. Each scanning lens mutually independent but they are interrelated. If a camera lens is broken, it does not affect the work of other camera lenses, and all these camera lenses could work longer. These four camera lenses are imported American camera lenses with wide scanning distance and clear imagines. T-shirt smallest camera lens also have automatic error correction function and could be used with any poker analyzers on the market. You can imagine how fast the analyzing speed is.

Imagination is very powerful; you can create many products that you ever imagine. T-shirt smallest camera lens is the example and high technology is an important factor.

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