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Poker analyzer can help you to cheat at Bezique poker game well

      Poker analyzer system is looked as one of the most powerful cheating device in gambling cheat area. We can write the program for Bezique poker game for you. By using the poker analyzer, you will win the game easily.

      Want to cheat at the Bezique pker game, first you should know the rules of the game. Take Two-Handed Bezique poker game for example:

      Two Piquet decks are required. The Deal is decided by cutting the pack, with the player with the highest card winning. Eight cards are dealt in turn using packets of three, two, three. The seventeenth card indicates the trump suit and is placed, face-up, next to the remaining cards, or stock, which are placed face-down. If this card happens to be a seven the dealer immediately scores ten points.

      The non dealer plays a card face up to the table. The dealer can either play a card in the same suit but higher, or a trump, if he wants to win the trick. If he chooses not to win the trick or holds no card which can do so, he may play any card from any suit he pleases. EYE Poker Cheating Center will offer you the poker analyzer to cheat at the pkoer game. In the event of an identical card being played it is the lead card which always wins. The winning trick is then placed, face down, next to the victor. These cards play no further part in the round except to count up brisques at the end.

      The winner of this first trick can then make a declaration5 if he has one, by laying the appropriate cards face up on the table in front of him and stating the name of the meld.

      Both players then draw another card from the stock, the winner of the previous trick always drawing first and leading to the next. Play continues in this fashion until the stock is exhausted.

      Any player who holds or picks up the seven of trumps may exchange it for the trump card lying face-up next to the stock and score ten points for the privilege. This counts as a declaration and can only take place after winning a trick. The second seven of trumps does not count as a declaration and can be shown as soon as it is drawn or played to a trick, still scoring ten points for the holder.

      The winner of the final trick takes the last stock card and the loser takes the exposed trump card. No further declarations are allowed and the game enters stage two.

      Poker analyzer will tell you the winner of the hand and each range of each hand. Or can tell you the cards' suits and points one by one. If you are interested in it, you can contact us to get more information.

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