poker analyzer playing cards scanner scanning camera lens contact lenses with marked cards are best cheating devices in casino gambling

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Infrared contact lenses is the first choice to cheat at Belote poker game

Infrared contact lenses is the first choice to cheat at Belote poker game. Marked cards, we did the mark on the back of the cards by special invisible ink, you can not see any mark by your naked eyes. It is very suitable to cheat at the Belote poekr game.

The pack is never shuffled at Belote. The player before the dealer in rotation (i.e. the player to dealer's left) cuts the pack. The dealer gives a set of three cards to each player, then another set of two cards, and turns the next card face up.

The player after the dealer in rotation (the player to dealer's right) can now "take", i.e. choose the turn-up card suit as a trump, or pass. If this player passes, the next player can take or pass, and so on around the table. If all 4 players pass, each in turn has a second chance to take, choosing a trump suit other than that of the face up card. If all players pass a second time, the cards are collected together and the next player in rotation deals.

As soon as a player takes (in the first or second round of bidding), the bidding ends. The taker is given the turn-up card (whether it is a trump or not) and the deal resumes. Each player except the taker is dealt a further packet of three cards, and the taker is dealt only two cards. These cards are dealt in rotation, beginning to dealer's right and ending with the dealer.

From the rules, you can see the contact lenses is very helpful to cheat at the poker game. You can see the content you want. Never think you will false in the poker game. You can send your cards here to process.

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