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Fournier Playing Cards with Poker Cheating Marks

Fournier Playing Cards:
1. model name:
Fournier 2818, Fournier 2508

2. material: plastic

3. size: poker size

4. index: jumbo/regular index

5. color: red, blue,


Poker Cheating Marks:

1. marking position:

( 1 ) back marks in the form of number  

( 2 ) edge marks in the form of barcodes

2. marking pattern:

( 1 ) one big number in the middle of the card backs

( 2 ) four small numbers in the four corners of the card backs

( 3 ) six mini numbers in the white board of the card backs

( 4 ) special barcodes on the edges the four card sides

3. marking features:

( 1 ) no chromatic aberration 

( 2 ) water-resistant and wear-resistant 

( 3 ) capable of staying unfading for as long as two years

4. marking ink:

( 1 ) for back marked cards: infrared ink, ultraviolet ink, luminous ink...

( 2 ) for edge marked cards: infrared ink, laser ink...

5. marking scanners:

( 1 ) for back marks: poker perspective glasses ( contact lenses&sunglasses ), ceiling lamp poker camera, LED light poker camera, smoke detector poker camera, security camera poker camera, TV set poker camera, wall clock poker camera..

( 2 ) for edge marks: mobile phone poker camera, power bank poker camera, USB cable poker camera, lighter poker camera, cigarette box poker camera, ashtray poker camera, watch poker camera, beaded bracelet poker camera, wrist belt poker camera, wallet poker camera, small handbag poker camera, water bottle poker camera, tissue box poker camera, car key poker camera, key ring poker camera, chip tray poker camera..

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