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Newest Poker Analyzer AKK A2

Our AKK A2 is one of the newest poker analyzers in the market. It can predict poker results before dealing in such poker games as Texas Holdem, Omaha, India Flush and Baccarat.

In terms of appearance, our AKK A2, with the Nokia 6 Plus exterior design, is the most exquisite poker analyzer. It’s much thinner and lighter than such poker analyzers as AKK A1, CVK 500 and CVK 600.

In terms of function, our AKK A2 can analyze and predict poker results instantly after its internal poker camera scans barcode marked cards -- the whole process will take just 0.5s. Its scanning distance is 20 to55cm from barcode marked cards and its scanning range is about 30cm from left to right.

If you are interested in our AKK A2 poker analyzer, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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