poker analyzer playing cards scanner scanning camera lens contact lenses with marked cards are best cheating devices in casino gambling

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Poker Scanners on Sale

We have many different poker scanners on sale: Some are intended for edge marked cards, while others are intended for back marked cards.

Poker Scanners for Edge Marked Cards
> short scanning distance:
( 1 ) mobile phone, power bank, USB cable
( 2 ) button, zipper, sleeve, leather belt
( 3 ) cigarette, lighter, cigarette box, ashtray
( 4 ) watch, bracelet, wrist band, wrist guard
( 5 ) chip tray, Baccarat buttons, odds calculator
( 6 ) wallet, small handbag, water bottle, tissue box
> long scanning distance:
( 1 ) black box, plastic flowerpot
( 2 ) power strip, TV set
( 3 ) emergency light, LED light
( 4 ) wall clock, wooden chair
Poker Scanners for Back Marked Cards
( 1 ) TV set, wall clock
( 2 ) smoke detector, security camera
( 3 ) ceiling lamp, LED light

If you want to have detailed information about any of our poker scanners, welcome to contact us!

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