poker analyzer playing cards scanner scanning camera lens contact lenses with marked cards are best cheating devices in casino gambling

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How Much You Know IR Sunglasses

IR sunglasses are for reading back marked cards. It is convenient and simple to help you see through those marks on the back. This is a wonderful and helpful product. 
IR Sunglasses 
IR sunglasses are processed by good quality invisible ink. But when you look at this product, you will not find any difference. It is just the regular sunglasses. This is a wonderful and reliable product for cheating at poker games. The user could read those marks clearly and then know poker points or poker suits under the help of our IR sunglasses. Some poker gamblers are not suitable to wear the IR contact lenses, they could use the IR sunglasses. 
IR Sunglasses For Reading Back Marks 
Our IR sunglasses could be used to read any back marked cards. For example, Modiano back marked cards, Copag back marked cards, Bicycle back marked cards, Bee back marked cards, KEM back marked cards, Lion 3005 back marked cards, Bear back marked cards and Aviator marked cards. You could see those marks on the back clearly. These special marked cards are processed by good quality poker cards and invisible ink. At the same time, you could buy our Johnson and Johnson IR contact lenses, Korea IR contact lenses and the China IR contact lenses. 
IR sunglasses cheating with back marked cards could bring your game a good effect. You could choose the suitable device from our company. They would not disappoint you! 

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