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Hi-tech poker analyzer will help you to cheat at Badugi poker game

Badugi poker card game is also played in many countries. And I will tell you that Badugi poker game can also be cheated by poker analyzer. What's Badugi? How will it be cheated? Let's see it:

Badugi is a poker-like game played with four-card hands. To win the pot at the showdown you need to have the lowest set of cards with no two cards of the same rank or suit, ace ranking low. The best possible hand is therefore A-2-3-4 with one card of each suit. There is some controversy over the origin of this game, which has been played at least since the 1980's. Bill Rosmus reports that in the 1980's in Winnipeg, Canada it was played under the name Off Suit Lowball in the back room of pool halls and back room poker clubs. Bryan Micon says he has been told by several Korean players that it was also played in South Korea in the 1980's. Nick Wedd reports that the Korean word baduk, or badug refers to a black and white pattern. This gives rise to the Korean name baduk for the board game Go, played with black and white stones. In Korea, if you have a black and white pet dog, you might well give it the name "badugi". Two high-low games featuring the "doogie" hand, a low four-card hand consisting of a different ranked card of each suit, were contributed to in 2000 by Bob Procter's poker group in North Carolina, and published on in 2002: Doogie and Buddys Game. They have suggested that the "doogie" hand may have been named after the TV character Doogie Howser. Badugi started to become well-known in the USA around 2004, popularised by Paul "Eskimo" Clark, who was a friend of at least one player from Bob Procter's group.Any solid information on the history of Badugi or Off Suit Lowball before 1980 would be of great interest in helping to establish how old the game really is, and whether it was invented in Korea or North America, or even independently in both places.

Hi-tech poker analyzer can help you to cheat at it wonderfully. We set the program into the poker analyzer, and the analyzer will tell you which player will get the best poker hand, or each player's order. You can bet on the game according to the result you hear. It is very useful for you to do so. Get money or win money from Badugi poker game is so easy!


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