poker analyzer playing cards scanner scanning camera lens contact lenses with marked cards are best cheating devices in casino gambling

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English Version Omaha 5 Cards Poker Analysis Software Cheat Device

Omaha 5 Analysis Software was designed base on poker analyzer , as many players tried to change the way 

of dealcards and playing rules ,  poker analyzer is no longer good enough for playing Omaha 5 poker games . 

Our idea is  designing and make a better system to replace poker scanner poker cheating system . 


Advantages compare with Omaha 5 poker analyzer



Advantage 1 It will show number and suit of 52 cards in a line and show floop , turn and river by screen of computer . Also show ranking of all players
Advantage 2 It can change the cards position even other players cut cards after shuffle
Advantage 3 It can set the floop , turn and river by ourselves if other player request shuffle cards again after deal cards to each player 
Advantage 4 It can analysis the ranking for each ground
Advantage 5 Set up big blind , little blind ,dealer by ourselves
Advantage 6 It can tell user to change the winners after burn some cards 


Operating System


Omaha 5 cards poker analysis software can install in all computer with XP , Vista , Windows 10 and IOS . In order to make it works table and perfect , Please close anti virus software before open this software. 

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