poker analyzer playing cards scanner scanning camera lens contact lenses with marked cards are best cheating devices in casino gambling

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IR lens

IR contact lens  are for reading back marked cards. It is convenient and simple to help you see through those marks on the back. This is a wonderful and helpful product. 

This model is origin to Bausch & Lomb, then we process them with special material in the center of the lenses. After being processed, its center looks dark purple and can be used to see invisible playing cards. Under the white-light, it works best and you can see the markings on the decks very clearly. In this way, you can know what cards any player has and predict which way is best for you in the games. Some customers will be worried about the color in the center of the lenses. In fact, there is no problem, it would not change the eyes’ color much and it’s difficult for others to find out the difference. We can recommend you a best contact lenses according to your eyes’ color.

1. More safe than perspective glasses

2. The easiest way to cheat in poker game
3. High quality to see invisible playing cards 
4. Can use for all kinds of poker game.

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